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Key criteria for evaluating Traceability Software:

  • The system has to be able to trace whatever you can put in your mouth singly or commingled. The supermarkets will not be interested if they need a separate traceability system for produce, dairy, meat, fish, flour etc. Has to meet the pizza test - if you can put it on a pizza it should be able to be traced.
  • Has to identify more than just the source. Contamination can take place anywhere in the distribution channel and this has to be identifiable.
  •  Recognize that the needs of all participants in the distribution channel  grower-shipper, packer, transportation, wholesaler, supermarket, consumer, and the FDA, have to be able to have quick (seconds not days) access to this database. This database has to be absolutely secure so that data can only be entered, not changed.

Unique Service Provider  - -

This company has the unique technology to prove whether a produce item came from a particular field or orchard - allows a producer to protect his brand from fraud. "We are commercializing food origin science by developing new systems that look at the underlying chemistry of the food and the land on which it is produced" - Helen Darling


Why World Food Safety Standards are Needed - Article by Bill Marler

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