Produce Bag Labeler

Why use

Although printing on the bag is the lowest cost method to transmit information to the consumer, today's traceability needs require time sensitive information on the bag. This information is not available at the time of bag manufacture. Using labels to transmit this time sensitive information to the connsumer have several advantages. They are:
  • Low Cost
  • Different colored labels can highlight key consumer information
  • Existing automatic bag filling equipment can be used
  • Tamper proof – difficult if not impossible to remove or to cover with another label when the plastic bag has product in it thereby maintaining the integrity of your product
  • The label can be large enough to make time sensitive traceability information human readable so that the consumer can understand it at store level – no restrictions on the amount of information to be transmitted. Information such as: Organic certification, SSI-EID code, RFID code, PIDC code or PO release, Julian Date, Lot Number, Military or Standard Time, PLU or Commodity code, Company Name, Country and State of Origin, Harvest Crew or Member ID, and Certification, GPS location, pull date from store shelf, best before date and sustainability information
  • Maintain your product identity with the consumer even when the source of your product supply comes from various countries
  • Flexibility – can meet today’s consumer’s information needs as well as tomorrow’s
  • Ability to tell the story of this produce item